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Buildables is a collaborative and crowd-sourcing design platform connecting suitable design solutions to anyone’s build needs. The solutions provided is in an easy to read format where anyone can be empowered to create change and impact to their physical environment.

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1. Build Manual

Step-by-Step build manual that breaks down each action to ensure anyone would be able to build your design.

2. Material List

A complete material list with its quantities so that users could easily purchase the required materials to build your design.

3. 3D Model (Optional)

A 3D model preferably in sketchup format so that users could refer to it, improve it or edit it to make it more relevant to their use and environment.

Completed Projects

  • Bamboo Snail House for Doggo
    ‘The snail house for doggo’ is a playful dog house inspired by the spiral...
    by Justin Lee
  • Children's Learning Table
    Size for 50 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm.
    by Stephen To
  • Abang Faisul's Roof
    Some of the main challenges faced in this projects was to review the structural...
    by esthercwy
  • Kelulut's Home
    This project is a part of a 2 family home design and build. The...
    by esthercwy
  • Asli House (4 Modules, 3 Bedrooms)
    The Asli House is fit for a family of 3 to 5 people and...
    by EPIC Communties
  • MyCorps School (inspired by Agora Architects)
    The school open-air classroom was designed for junior school children in Cambodia and built...
    by EPIC Communties
  • Hulu Tamu Outhouse Toilet
    33 Hulu Tamu families have built their houses through the EPIC Homes campaign since...
    by EPIC Communties
  • Shady Shutters
    This is a side hung window panel designed to be easily fabricated using common...
    by EPIC Communties
  • Mural Wall
    Millenium Proto-park was a project to engage with the community to build a prototype...
    by EPIC Communties
  • Flood Relief Housing - Double Storey
    After the terrible flood disaster in Dabong, Kelantan, Malaysia, EPIC Homes in collaboration with...
    by EPIC Communties
  • Flood Relief Housing - Single Storey
    Single-storey housing
    by EPIC Communties
  • Jemairy's Home
    The home of the family had fallen into a dilapidated condition, creating an unsafe...
    by nicholasngkw