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Buildables is a design crowd-sourcing platform connecting suitable design solutions to anyone’s build needs. The designs provided is in an easy-to-read manual format where anyone would find it easy to build things themselves!

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1. Build Manual

Step-by-Step build manual that breaks down each action to ensure anyone would be able to build your design.

2. Material List

A complete material list with its quantities so that users could easily purchase the required materials to build your design.

3. 3D Model (Optional)

A 3D model preferably in sketchup format so that users could refer to it, improve it or edit it to make it more relevant to their use and environment.

Completed Projects

  • ihavedesieng
    i have for this desing tesing
    by test test_iq
  • tempara
    i have desing for this
    by IQ Web
  • tempara
    i have desing for this
    by IQ Web
  • test-upload-project
    by IQ Web
  • demo project design
    demo project design
    by IQ Web
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    by IQ Web
  • 123
    sfddsf fdsf sd
    by IQ Web
  • What is Lorem Ipsum?
    Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum...
    by IQ Web
  • test
    by IQ Web
  • Bamboo Snail House for Doggo
    ‘The snail house for doggo’ is a playful dog house inspired by the spiral...
    by Justin Lee
  • Children's Learning Table
    Size for 50 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm.
    by Stephen To
  • Abang Faisul's Roof
    Some of the main challenges faced in this projects was to review the structural...
    by esthercwy